Saturn Utilities

Here’s a bunch of various utilities I’ve written during my Saturn days. The only programs that are supported have an accompanying readme.txt file included.

All files with source code include a license file. Read it first before viewing any source code. – A program I wrote back when I was trying to figure out how to detect whether a said saturn program binary was using sbl/sgl functions. Given that the binary uses a standard layout, it should be able to detect:

a) Whether the program is stand-alone or dynamically linked
b) Which sbl/sgl libraries it’s using.

Of course, it doesn’t properly detect any and all the libraries, but it should give you a good idea what you’re dealing with.

finddata – This one I did when I was tired of using ultraedit, etc. to do mass file searches for data. This program will actually recursively search through all the sub-directories of the specified path and search all those files.

sakuralation – A neat program I wrote when I pondered how to dump Sakura Taisen’s script. You see, Sakura Taisen uses a random order font system(a bit like Langrisser III/IV/V, but worse). The scariest part is that it not only has one set like this, but one for every section of the game(which totals somewhere over 30 font sets). Each set typically holds around 400-600 characters(kana/kanji). Now imagine trying to find someone who would be willing to correctly identify the kanji in those fonts and generate proper tables so you could dump the script, and you see why I wrote this program.

Basically this program uses a plugin system which allows a hacker to write a custom plugin which itself loads the font/text and displays it in the window. It makes it far easier for a hacker to provide the translator a complete script without generating a tbl and dumping the script. Includes a number of sample templates. Previously unreleased, unsupported.

Saturn IDA Pro .sig files – These are sig files I generated so you can have IDA Pro identify the SBL/SGL functions that have been used in the binary you’re hacking.

Saturn Dream Editor v1.0 alpha – Experimental program for doing saturn graphics editing. Of course the “editing” part was never finished, so it ended up being a rather nice viewer instead.

seq2mid – A program that finds and converts Saturn seq data into midi files. Saturn Seq Specifications are also included. This is the previously unreleased v1.0rc1

stripvcd – This program converts images files created with vcdbuild into cdrwin-compatible images.

toncnv – This is a program that converts ton files to dls files. It dumps the audio data to wave files as well. Also includes a utility to merge the dls files to your seq2mid-converted midi files.

tnedit – This was supposed to be a win32 replacement for tilemod2. Unfortunately, the plugin system needed a bit more work, and I never got around to properly adding in editing all the extra features tilemod2 had. As one may suspect, also previously unreleased.