Translation Utilities

Here are a few game-specific utilities I wrote primarily for the purpose of hacking. The only programs that are supported have an accompanying readme.txt file included.

All files with source code include a license file. Read it first before viewing any source code.

Note: Most of these were never designed to be “user-friendly”. Use at your own risk!

encrsa/decrsa – A set of tools that allow you to convert Arcturus’s rsa files into a script, then back again.

dump – Program that dumps dialogue text from Farland Symphony .scr files.
encode – Program that inserts translated text back into Farland Symphony .scr files.
pacencode – Re-insert graphics back into Farland Symphony’s pac files(doesn’t recompress files though, unfortunately)
pacparse – Extract and decompress graphics from Farland Symphony’s pac files.

comp/ decomp – Grandia 16×16 font compression/decompression programs

dump1 – Dumps Langrisser 1′s script from Langrisser: DE
dump2 – Dumps Langrisser 2′s script from Langrisser: DE
dumpbg – Extracts all the background images for Langrissser: DE

dumpmap – Extracts graphics out of map.dat/map_c.dat(Langrisser 4)
dumpmap – Extracts graphics out of map.dat(Langrisser 5)

lmextract – extracts files from Lunar:SSSC MPEG dat files.

macdecode – converts tile-based graphics from Macross: DYRL to bmp.
tmdecode – converts linear-based graphics from Macross: DYRL to bmp.
tmencode – converts bmp’s back to Macross:DYRL linear-based graphics.

sf3dec – a very early Shining Force III text dumper.